Radfarman manufacturing and industrial company

Radfarman manufacturing and industrial company with outstanding reputation in manufacturing varies kind of steering components, power steering gear and pump of automobile, is honored to be one the pioneers in manufacturing of this products.

Stakeholder satisfaction especially customer through quality improvement, services and increase profitability

In order to keep and improve products quality and developing quality culture, this company has implemented to establish quality management system according to ISO / TS 16949 / 2009 and has accomplished customer requirements and has received Iranian national standard. Keep this system is known as obligation and association of all employees and first of all commitment of management and also observing standard rules of product is required.

Some information which management introduce as definition of job are:

  • Continuous improvement and creating productivity in product process and system
  • Training and pay attention to human resources as most important factor to increase process productivity and promote quality culture
  • Attempt to increase customer satisfaction and on time delivery
  • Decreasing waste and proceed to achieve zero defection

I commit keep and realize this system and expect all the colleague in all organization level that execute their duty within procedures, instructions and written documentation and make sure about adequacy and being up to date of them.

The policy will be revised with surveying quality goal and management revision meeting.

Direct manger – Ali Shokri