• R&D department

    The R&D department of this company with employing experienced experts and using technical knowledge and regarding to possessing design standard is capable to implement such activities as below:

    • Design and manufacture varies kinds of ball joints 
    • Design and manufacture varies kinds of production equipment and production lines
    • Design and manufacture machinery and test equipment for ball joints
    • Design and manufacture varies kind of mold
    • Design and manufacture varies kind of jig and fixture
    • Design and develop products according to customer requirement

    In this department the latest design software is use according to requirments.

  • Production department

    Production department of this company possess advanced equipment and machinery in order to produce qualified components according to customer requirements. Also by passing required training courses, production staffs of this company have required proficiency for producing high quality components. Production equipment of this company is described as below:

    • European fully automatic assembling and testing machine of ball joints
    • About 50 advanced European CNC and VMC
    • Special machine for machining ball joints (index machine) and copy lathes and ball milling
    • Special machine for assembling ball joints and hydraulic presses
    • Assembling line of power steering pump of Peugeot 206 and 405
    • Electro static painting and coating and phosphating lines
    • Varies kinds of drill, lathe and mill
    • Varies kinds of rolling machine
    • Crack detection machine
    • Special machine for washing parts

  • Lab departments 

    Laboratory of this company offers lab services to about 100 industrial and university in Khorasan state and whole of country as owning approval of ISIRI (institute of standards and industrial research of Iran) and ITRAK laboratory. Also laboratory of this company possess ISO 17025 standard from institute of standards and also approval of method department of Sapco and Sazehgostar for all of lab equipment. Test and measuring equipment are:

    • Tensile and compression test machine
    • 3 dimension measuring machine (CMM)
    • Steel and rubber hardness tester machine
    • Salt spray machine
    • Profile projector
    • Durability and sealing test machine for various kind of ball joints
    • Special machine for torque graph of ball joints and clearance test
    • Impact crash test
    • Wear test of various kind of ball joints
    • Coating thickness test machine 
    • Roughness test machine
    • Crack detection test machine
    • Special machine for testing power steering gear
    • Leak test machine for power steering pump
    • Functional test machine for power steering pump

  • Commercial department 

    Commercial department have wide spread activities with the aim of increasing share of supply for inner automaker and sale in internal market. This department has central sales office in Tehran and agency around the country in order to sales components in internal market.

  • Q.C. department

    Quality control system of the company consists of all process from designing the products to the end of production and assembling process and dispatching to customers. Some activities of this department are:

    Material analyzing, input control, production control and final products control, implementing statistic methods and supervision on perfect quality implementation.

  • Tool department 

    Tool department of this company steps on the optimized using tools and facilities relying on knowledge and proficiency of experts. In this department professional activities is done in order to study and identification of proper tools, designing and manufacture special tools, molds, jigs and fixtures which are needed for production line.